The concept

This is a model I made when I participated in Polycounts bi-monthly prop challenge. The concept is by an unknown artist and depicts a handflamer. I followed the concept pretty closely, the design of the gun overall raises a couple of questions regarding the function/design bit but I didn't want to stray too far from the concept. (For example, how does one reload the gas tank?)


I chose to try a new workflow which included making the prop high poly without baking down the bevels onto a normal map, and instead letting the polycount be a bit higher. It saved me some time by dodging a lot of baking so I could spend more time on texturing.

Overall the project was fun and it sure was a challenge to work on a concept without any possibility to talk to the artist about some design decisions.

The model has 23,028 tris and uses a 2k material. Modelled in maya, Textured in PS&DDO and rendered in Marmoset.

Marmoset viewer. Try it in fullscreen!

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