Environment Artist / Generalist


Character concept for an art-test
D&D character concept, human fighter
D&D character concept, human monk
Photograph study
skill-icon for an art test (Polymorph)
D&D character concept, wood  elf sorcerer
A goofy speedpaint I did for a challenge. Took about 1h.
Tileable handdrawn grass texture
portrait study speedpaint
D&D character concept, wood elf monk
D&D character concept, earth genassi cleric
Logo for game studio Happy Graveyard
study of Data from Star Trek
D&D character concept, half-orc druid
character illustration for personal project
study of  the moster from The Thing (1982)

Even though I mainly focus in 3d professionally, I do come from a traditional painting-background and I focus on improving my 2d-skills on my spare time. My main goal is not to work exclusively with 2d but rather use it as a tool, creating concepts and sketching ideas etc. Being good at 2d can also be a big help when working at a studio, having bigger insight in a concept artists workflow and also being able to help with 2d if neccessary.

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